Spring Spoonin’: 3 Spoonfuls.

With spring on the horizon, we’re excited for so many amazing fruit and vegetable Nut Butter pairings to be in season again.

As Spooning With MaraNatha® continues, we’re paying homage to these crops with three spoon-sized recipes!

Strawberry Shortcake Spoonful:
(Smooth Almond Butter + Shortcake + Strawberry + Vanilla Greek Yogurt)

Inspired by the juicy blossoms of divinity we more commonly refer to as “strawberries,” we layered our first Spoonful with shortcake, strawberries, The Greek Gods® Vanilla Greek Style yogurt and of course, MaraNatha® Almond Butter.

Sushi Roll Spoonful:

Sushi connoisseurs are familiar with imaginative rolls, and when they’re in need of a snack, they can swap their chopsticks for this Spoonful, neatly arranged with Brown Rice, Avocado, chili sauce and the satisfying texture of our Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Garden Spoonful:

Gardening is one of our favorite springtime activities and a rewarding opportunity to partake in the delights of a sunny day. For our final amuse-bouche, we’ve paired julienned carrots, chopped green onions, a smidgeon of cream cheese and our appropriately mellow Cashew Butter all in one perfect Spoonful. Yum!

Welcome back, spring!

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