Enjoy a delicious dinner high in protein that is quick and easy to prepare. The mild fish flavor is accentuated by the tropical taste of MaraNatha® All-Natural Coconut Butter for a meal that appeals to the whole family.

Enjoy an old American tradition with a new twist. These light, fluffy Johnny Cakes made with MaraNatha® All-Natural Coconut Butter are a delicious piping hot breakfast or the perfect dinner accompaniment.

The almond butter sauce bakes into the chicken, keeping it moist and imparting a savory cilantro, garlic and nut flavor that will get rave reviews. Top it with crushed almonds for an elegant presentation and a satisfying crunch!

The perfect melding of robust Asian flavors – ginger, soy and garlic – with a smooth, rich almond butter base, makes for a great lunchtime entrée or dinner side dish.

Bursting with flavor, these delicious wraps combine the creamy goodness of almond butter with cilantro, red onion and ginger to create an elegant and tasty lunch alternative that’s quick and easy to prepare.

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