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Nut allergies – Are nuts for everyone?

While nuts are a healthful dietary staple for most people, research shows that nearly one percent of Americans – or roughly three million people – can have an allergic reaction to at least one type of tree nut or to peanuts, which are part of the legume family. Since these allergic reactions can range in severity from mild to life threatening, it is vital for food manufacturers to clearly label their products. At MaraNatha, we take great care to ensure that the labels on all of our nut butters provide comprehensive and easy-to-read content information. In fact, our labels not only meet the requirements of the FDA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, but they also go a step beyond those regulations by featuring a prominent “contains” statement. Located immediately under the ingredients list on each of our product labels, this statement helps ensure consumer safety by highlighting any ingredients that are considered common allergens.