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Spooning at the Movies with MaraNatha®

There’s nothing like the Oscars to summon up that nostalgic urge to cozy up and watch a classic. Even after a few weeks basking in the afterglow of the awards, we’re still in a movie mood. After all, what better way to spend those final few staying-inside-no-matter-what evenings than Spooning with MaraNatha® for a movie night?

Spooning With MaraNatha®

What’s the best part about a new jar of our Nut Butter? You have a partner to spoon with whenever you want.

Doesn’t matter where you are, doesn’t matter who’s around, anytime is the perfect time for spooning.

All you need is a spoon (or two, if you know someone special enough to partake in the delights of Nut Butter spooning with), a jar of your favorite variety of MaraNatha® Nut Butter and a few extra supplies for a perfect spooning session.

MaraNatha® Peanut Butter is Back!

Breakfast with A.M.azing Almond Butter Pairings

Make MaraNatha® Brand Part of Your Baked Holiday Treats!

Our Nut Butters are a fantastic way to incorporate nutrition in your holiday baking, and they can offer plenty of rewards you can feel good about.

Our Almond Butter is made with the finest heart-healthy California almonds and offers 6g of protein, and zero cholesterol in only 2 Tbsp*(See Nutrition Info for Fat Content). Read more about the health benefits of our Almond Butters here:

Our 5 Favorite Nut Butter & Pie Pairings

Our 5 Favorite Nut Butter & Pie Pairings

Snacking straight from the spoon is splendid in any season, but when the holidays roll around, we like to get our bake on. Read on to discover a plethora of pies to pair with our Nut Butters! The following five are our favorites:

Sundae Sweetness

Nothing beats frozen treats on a hot summer day, unless it’s a frozen treat paired with our rich, velvety Nut Butters! Cool off with some of our favorite combos below!

Swirl together ALMOND DREAM® Vanilla Non-Dairy Dessert and our Dark Chocolate Almond Spread for our take on the most enduring duo of frozen flavors.

Hang Out With Hummus!

Headed to a cookout and want to make friends? Bring hummus! Not only does it go well with almost anything, it’s refreshingly simple to make, even for recipe rookies. Armed with our favorite hummus creations, you’re sure to be the toast of your next get together!

The Smoothie Spectrum

Explore the Smoothie Spectrum! With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time of year for a chilled beverage. Grab your favorite MaraNatha® Nut Butter, your blender and an assortment of fruits and veggies to craft a cool spring treat. Express yourself by choosing your favorite color from our selection of smoothie recipes below!

The Smoothie Spectrum

Upcycle for Earth Month!

April is Earth Month! One easy step to take toward a cleaner, more beautiful planet? Upcycle your used MaraNatha® jars! There are so many practical uses: storage for assorted nuts & bolts, a vase, a small candleholder and more! How do you use your empty MaraNatha® jars? Let us know on our Facebook page and show us on Instagram!

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